What our clients have to say

Since starting work with Adam I've gone from an 11 handicap to a 4.7, added 15 yards and lost 10 pounds. And the best part is, I've yet to do a sit-up.

Sid Norton

54 year old, 4 handicap

When I started with Adam I was having difficulty swinging the club due to a shoulder injury. I now have no pain in that shoulder, hit the ball 20 yards longer and have dropped from an 18 to a 14 handicap.

Al Edwards

75 year old, 14 handicap

I've gained more distance but even more important I feel that working with Adam I can hit the ball much more consistently than before which has greatly improved my confidence. I'm also surprised by how much his programs have helped to improve my putting.

Andy McDonald

70 year old, 13 handicap